The China Study Cookbook Offers Unique Vegetarian Meal Ideas

I’m always looking for new meal ideas, so I was thrilled when I was recently offered a chance to review The China Study Cookbook by Leanne Campbell, PhD. This innovative cookbook features over 120 whole food, plant-based recipes.

The China Study Cookbook starts out with an introduction about the benefits of a plant-based diet, tips for getting kids to eat a plant-based diet, and advice on how to make the transition work better for your family.

As someone who isn’t a vegetarian but is trying to eat less meat, I found all of this info quite interesting. If you’re already a committed vegetarian, however, you could probably skip over this section.

There are full color photos for most of the recipes in The China Study Cookbook. I personally found the photos very helpful, since many of the ingredients used weren’t familiar to me and I had trouble visualizing what some of the recipes would look like.

Preparation time and cooking time is also listed for each recipe, although there is no nutrition info provided.

Obviously, as a mom, my preference is for cookbooks that are kid-friendly. Some of the recipes in this book would be a hard sell to get my son to eat, but I did see quite a few that were right up our alley.

The granola wraps were a great breakfast idea, as was the tofu scramble. The favorite chili with pasta recipe is good, although I’ve used a recipe that is quite similar in the past.

The China Study Cookbook is the official companion to The China Study, which is more of a general book on how nutrition affects your overall health. You don’t have to have read The China Study to be able to appreciate the cookbook, however.

Disclaimer: A copy of The China Study Cookbook was provided by the publisher for the purpose of preparing this review.

Photo credit: Barnes & Noble

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