The Blue Sky Spiral-Bound Planner Gives You Plenty of Space

I’m so picky about my planners. Every year, my husband replies, “Oh no, already?” when I say I need to go find a new one.

I need space. Lots of It for each day. It’s become even more of a necessity since becoming a mom, because now her homework deadlines, appointments, and play dates have to be scheduled in there, too.

I also can’t stand bulky planners because when I have stacks of books and paper on my desk, I don’t want it to cause them to fall down if it gets caught in the middle for a few minutes.

The new year can’t start soon enough now that I’ve found the Blue Sky spiral-bound 8.5″ x 11″ planner, which is about the size of a one-subject notebook, just slightly thicker.

There’s a slot in the front where you can add pictures, but if you’re a slacker mom like me and your pictures are all still on your phone, camera, desktop, and Facebook page instead of printed out and ready to be displayed in real life, the backgrounds available aren’t that bad.

Mine’s black and white on the outside. It’s nothing fancy, but it’s not a generic notebook cover, either.

The inside has the pattern from the outside as an accent around the edges of each page. The tabs for each month are hot pink, and so are the bars that list the days of the week. There were other color combinationsmostly turquoise and pink–at Target where I picked mine up for around $13.99.

In typical planner fashion, you get the yearly overview at the front of the planner, followed by your personal profile, emergency contacts, and friends and family’s information. Then there’s plenty of space for contacts after that.

For each month, you get a quick two-page glance at the month with room to jot down a few bits of information, like days the kids are out of school, birthdays, and anniversaries.

After that, there’s a ton of space for each day! The weekends get half as much space as weekdays, but that’s pretty typical.

One more thing I love about this one is that it starts on New Year’s Eve, 2012. I’ve purchased planners before that wasted space with going much earlier in the year.I think I’ve even had them end in the summer instead of going through the end of December.

I’m not a student, so I prefer January through December, even though I am using it for my daughter’s homework and events at the same time. This one ends on January 5, 2014.

At the back of the planner is a list of holidays through 2016, room for notes, and a map that marks off states, capitals, and time zones. The back cover is made from durable, flexible plastic.

If you’re as picky as I am about planners, I recommend giving this one a shot. It’s simple and there’s lots of room for your massive to-do lists.

Photo credit: Target

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