The Bath & Body Works 3-Wick Leaves Candle Is Early Fall in a Jar

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The Bath & Body Works 3-Wick Leaves Candle Is Early Fall in a Jar

For the past three years, I’ve tried to get my hands on a 3-wick Leaves candle from Bath & Body Works. It’s one of their seasonal items for fall that tends to sell out, at least in the stores near me.

This year I got there early enough to grab one, and it’s so good, I think I’m going back to get another one for part of my mom’s birthday present (don’t worry, she doesn’t use computers, so she’ll never see this).

When I first heard about this candle, I thought it would smell like burning leaves and the smokier side of late fall. Instead, it’s like a crisp early fall day at the u-pick apple orchard with a pit stop in the country store to pick up a little cinnamon and spice.

There’s a lot of cinnamon and apple to the scent, but it never goes into pastry territory. If you close your eyes and sniff, you can visualize the way the golden light hits the red walls of the barn and the hay and taste a firm, juicy red apple straight off the tree.

It’s not sweet or exclusively foodie. Rather, it’s like a picturesque fall day was somehow captured in a fragrance and made into a candle.

The candle itself is 14.5 oz and expected to burn 30 to 45 hours. I’ve had other candles this size from Bath & Body Works and they last quite some time. In most cases, I won’t go through a whole seasonal candle in one year; it takes until the next one to use it up.

The three wicks ensure that the candle burns evenly instead of burning a column down the middle and leaving you with wasted product. Regular price is $19.50, but Bath & Body works offers two for $20 sometimes, so it’s really not a bad deal.

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