The Bare Minerals Stroke of Light Eye Brightener Is a Stroke of Genius!

I always skip over the Bare Minerals products because the foundation causes my skin to break out, and I prefer pressed powders over loose when it comes to color.

I realize they’ve expanded their line quite a bit since the last time I gave it a shot, but old habits are hard to break. When I got this Stroke of Light Eye Brightener in a sample kit from Sephora, it grabbed my attention anyway.

I got the Luminous 1 Fair/Pink shade in my kit, which is perfect for my skin tone. Even in the tube, there’s a glow to this product.

I didn’t have anywhere important to go, so I dabbed some on under my eyes and along the inner corner, then patted it with the fingertip to blend it in. I figured it would either do nothing or it’d look like a load of obvious shimmer under my eyes that I’d never want to wear in public.

Instead, it was really effective at disguising my ever-present dark circles. Up close, I could still see a hint of gray beneath my eyes, but the brightener didn’t cake up or exacerbate the wrinkling under my eyes.

When I stepped back from the mirror, the circles became blurred and the area under my eyes did look lighter, brighter, and it was almost as if I didn’t have the circles there at all. On especially bad days, I’ve used a light layer of concealer and then topped it with this product, or vice-versa.

The color of this shade looks a lot like Benefit’s High Beam highlighter, but it has a bit less shimmer so it’s easier to swipe under the eyes, blend and go. It’s lightweight and you can’t feel it on the skin.

Other shades include Luminous 2 (light/yellow), Luminous 3 (tan/neutral), and Luminous 4 (deep/golden). I like the sponge tip applicator, which is soft but makes application a breeze.

Photo credit: Sephora

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