Teaching Your Children About Money? Check Out Moonjar Moneyboxes

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Teaching Your Children About Money? Check Out Moonjar Moneyboxes

Teaching children about money is so important. They need to understand how money works: what spending, saving, and sharing is and how they should do all of these things. My 4 year old knows that he can spend some and save some, but we’ve never taught him about sharing (giving to charity for example) or how he should save more than he spends.

It’s hard for kids to understand when they put all of their money in one place (like a piggy bank) because they don’t understand how they need to divide the money up. And that’s where a Moonjar Moneybox can help!

What is Moonjar? Moonjar is a company that is working to bring financial literacy to children and families around the globe. They believe the time to start the conversation about money is now and the way to start the conversation is through “Saving, Spending and Sharing”.

The Classic Moonjar Moneybox is made of durable tin and will inspire and teach children to save, spend and share wisely for a lifetime. You can use it as an allowance tool, also. This box comes with removable acrylic lids and a Family Guide and Passbook is also included. It costs $25, but if you have little ones like I do, it’s a good investment because they can’t break the box.

The Standard Moonjar Moneybox is foldable, colorful and easy to assemble. This one costs $7.95, but I have no doubt in my mind that my kids would destroy it before they even got to put any money in it!

What do you think of these Moonjar Moneyboxes?

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  • http://www.CuteBeltz.com Kristen’s Cute Beltz

    Great concept to teach kids to share and the importance of financial responsibility. Would definitely get the tin Moonjar Moneybox, the other would be destroyed in my house too before use.

  • Julie C.

    Ha, a friend just told me she bought one of these as a gift for my son’s upcoming birthday! I don’t know which kind, but I think my son will like the concepts of Spending, Sharing and Saving!

  • http://mytimeasmom.com Jessica

    I think I need one of these for me.