TakeMeFishing.org Provides a Guide for People Interested in Taking Up a Classic American Pastime

Did you know that fishing is an American tradition and the most popular recreational activity?

More people enjoy fishing than running, camping, and biking. Fishing is also a very affordable way to spend time together, especially if you have a large family.

If taking your kids fishing is on your list of things to do this summer, check out TakeMeFishing.org. This website offers a wealth of information for anyone interested in learning more about fishing. You can find instructions and videos covering freshwater fishing, saltwater fishing, and fly fishing, as well as info about how to get your fishing license and how to register your boat.

The feature of TakeMeFishing.org that I thought was most interesting is the a map tool that lets you locate places to boat and fish in your area. TakeMeFishing.org says that 90% of Americans live within one hour of navigable water, so you don’t even have to live in a rural area to enjoy fishing.

I’m not big on fishing myself, but my parents and grandparents love to fish. They’ve taken my son with them a few times and he seems to really enjoy it. I’ve bookmarked this website so that I have a resource to refer back to when they’re telling me their fishing stories. It may even inspire me to join them sometime!

Photo credit: TakeMeFishing.org

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