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Bath and Body Works’ Pumpkin Caramel Latte Candle Takes You Straight to the Comfort of a Café

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This is the second of the two candles I allowed myself to buy this fall. Pumpkin Caramel Latte is a sweet bakery scent just like the other one I fell I love with, Banana Nutmeg Bread Pudding.

As usual, I got the three-wick version because it was on sale and they tend to burn more evenly than the others, in my experience (plus they last 25-45 hours).

The candle has a creamy, sweet (almost too sweet!) scent, and I can detect a marshmallowy vanilla, buttery caramel. What’s missing, to me, is the pumpkin. That was disappointing, but I still love the scent.

When the candle is lit downstairs, it only takes a few minutes for it to not only fill the downstairs area, but to make its way upstairs, too. When I got out of the shower a few days ago and walked out of the bathroom, I thought I smelled maple syrup. It was the candle.

This isn’t quite as cloyingly sweet as the Pumpkin Pecan Waffles scent that was out last year and returned again this year. There’s less of that buttery note, too.

I have no complaints about the way it burns down, since it burns so evenly. The wicks are still intact and haven’t broken off despite frequent use. The throw and strength of fragrance are both very good, and I feel like we’ll get quite a bit of use out of this particular scent in the coming months.

I only wish there was something in there that suggested pumpkin, since that word is in the name.

Photo credit: Bath & Body Works

The White Barn Candle in Vanilla Vetiver from Bath and Body Works Is Perfect for Cozy Nights In

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When I first chose the White Barn Vanilla Vetiver candle while stocking up on fall and winter candles this year, I didn’t see how it really fit with the rest of the scents. It smelled good, yes, but it didn’t really say “holiday” to me. I picked it up anyway because I like vanilla and vetiver fragrances.

The beauty of this one shines when it’s lit. In the jar it smells good, though I can’t say it seems like anything special. It’s a nice vanilla scent. When lit, though, I can completely see why this candle came out with the holiday scents.

It’s more than your average vanilla, and it’s not overtaken by the grassy vetiver scent. It’s cozy, and makes me want to curl up in flannel pajamas with a book or a movie and stay there until I fall asleep on the couch.

The grassiness of the vetiver balances the vanilla and keeps the scent from being just another run-of-the-mill home fragrance that’s generic, sweet, a little waxy, and smells like a bakery item. It’s still relaxing (in case you want to use it as aromatherapy at the end of the day).

The throw of the fragrance is above average; I lit it on the main floor of my home and within about 20 minutes, the scent was noticeable everywhere.

I love the scent and throw, but the 3-wick version of this candle presented some problems from day one. It was harder to light the first time than any other candle I’ve ever owned. That’s not the biggest inconvenience when using it, since that only really applies the first time.

What bugs me the most is that the candle tunnels around the wicks when it’s lit, which makes it burn unevenly and potentially wastes wax. Instead of burning evenly all the way across, you wind up with a  hole around each wick and untouched wax between them and along the edges of the candle.

It’s a pain and I probably wouldn’t purchase this particular candle again because of that, but other candle sizes and forms may work differently.

Photo credit: Crystal Schwanke

Air Wick’s National Park Collection Offers Great Fall Fragrance Options

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I’ve always been a fan of home fragrance, but I’m not comfortable burning candles anymore. Having my son or my cat tip over my candle and set the house on fire doesn’t seem worth the trade off of a nice smelling room, so I love the idea of using flameless home fragrance products like the Air Wick scented oil warmer.

I like the design of this warmer for two key reasons. The rotating plug keeps you from blocking a second outlet, and my home is already woefully short on electrical outlets. There is also a dial that you can adjust to help control the level of fragrance you want in the room. I like leaving mine turned up all the way, but sometimes I take it down a notch if I’m having people over who are sensitive to various fragrances.

The Air Wick scented oil warmer isn’t as cute as the Scentsy wax warmers I normally use. But, it’s definitely more affordable and I like that I don’t have to constantly add fragrance to the device. The Air Wick warmer is great when you want to just plug something in and forget about it.

There are a bunch of different scents you can try for the Air Wick oil warmers. If you’re looking for a good fall scent, however, I suggest checking out the company’s new National Park collection.

Options include:

  • Acadia: The essence of pumpkin fields, vanilla, and sandalwood from Acadia National Park is sure to put anyone in the mood for fall.
  • Zion: Take a trip to Zion National Park and bring the essences of anise, clove, and amber home to create the balanced aroma of fall foliage.
  • Cape Cod: Take in the sweet scent of the fall cranberry harvest in Cape Cod. (This is my favorite scent from the collection.)
  • Rocky Mountains: Taking a walk in the brisk weather brings to mind the essence of evergreen and fragrance notes that mirror the scent of a fall breeze in the Rocky Mountains.

If you have a college student, consider adding an Air Wick oil warmer and refills to his/her next care package to help get rid of strange dorm room smells without running afoul of school regulations that prohibit the burning of candles.

Disclaimer: Sample Air Wick products were provided by the manufacturer for the purpose of preparing this review.

Photo credit: Air Wick

Plug-In Wax Warmers Are a Great Home Fragrance Option

Posted on Apr 11, 2013 by 2 Comments

Before I became a mother, I burned candles all the time. Now, I don’t feel comfortable burning candles because of the potential fire risk.

Instead, I have wax warmer plug-ins in most of the rooms in my house. I love them because they double as a night light and give the room a pretty decorative touch. The wax fills the room with fragrance, but doesn’t get hot enough to burn you if it accidentally spills. Read more…

Scentsicles Add a Fragrant Touch to Your Tree

Posted on Nov 29, 2012 by 1 Comment

Do you love the convenience of an artificial Christmas tree, but miss the smell of a fresh cut evergreen? If so, you need to check out Scentsicles.

Scentsicles are long, thin ornaments that are infused with holiday-themed scents. Available fragrances include: Read more…

Primavera’s Airspray Offers Great Aromatherapy Benefits

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I love products that make my home smell good! I have a large collection of airsprays, air fresheners, and fragrance oils. (I don’t burn candles because I have a cat that likes to jump and I don’t trust her near an open flame!) Recently, I had an opportunity to try Primavera’s Organic Airspray in the Grapefruit Sage fragrance.

Primavera’s products use essential oils to provide aromatherapy benefits and a pleasant scent for your home. Grapefruit brightens your mood and increases your ability to concentrate, while sage helps to purify the body and mind. Read more…

Slatkin & Co. Offers a Safe and Stylish Home Fragrance Option

Posted on Mar 15, 2012 by 3 Comments

I love to have a home that smells nice, but burning candles doesn’t seem safe with an active child and a cat running about. I’ve tried many different types of home fragrance products over the years, but my favorite is the Slatkin & Co. electric oil warmer from Bath & Body Works.

The Slatkin & Co. electric oil warmer plugs into any ordinary light socket to provide a warming plate for a few drops of the oil of your choice. Bath & Body Works has many oils to choose from, including several seasonal scents you can pick up for rock bottom prices if you watch for clearance sales. At any given moment, I typically have between five and ten bottles of fragrance oil in my stash. Read more…