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Video: What Makes a Well-Rounded Toy for Children?

Posted on Dec 15, 2014 by No Comments

How do you balance giving your child a fun yet educational toy this holiday season? Craig Bach of the Goddard School shows Tanya Rivero the makings of a great toy. Photo: K’NEX

Video: FirstBIKE – Balance Bike for Kids Review

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FirstBIKE Balance Bike for boys and girls makes learning to ride a bicycle so easy. Of course, mothers Pam and Melisa love the Balance Bike, but let’s see what a kid thinks. Watch Melisa’s son take FirstBIKE out for a test drive.

Video: Marshmallow Shooter Review

Posted on Feb 22, 2014 by 1 Comment

The Marshmallow Shooter was the hit of the New York Toy Fair. It’s a pretty irresistible toy for children of all sizes. Your kid will love loading up a toy gun or bow and arrow with marshmallows as ammo. This is one of the coolest children’s toys around.

Video: Classic Wooden Kids Toys from Stack and Stick

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Stack & Stick is a family-owned toy brand that makes classic wood blocks. The idea behind their toys is simple: “children should play with toys—not be entertained by them.” The stackable blocks foster creativity and imagination, allowing children to build what comes to mind.

Video: How to Organize Toys in a Kid-Friendly Way

Posted on Dec 6, 2013 by 1 Comment

Martha Stewart shares tips on how to organize children’s toys in a functional and educational way.

Nickelodeon Gak Isn’t What It Used to Be

Posted on Oct 24, 2012 by 6 Comments

Gak is back. I was ecstatic to find that out. You may remember playing with Gak when you were a kid. I used to collect it, and remember it being very slimy. It’d ooze and felt gross. It didn’t clump, it wasn’t dry, and it was way closer to a liquid than this new formulation.

From what I can remember, the color selection on the new Gak line is much better than it was when I was a kid, but they’re missing some of the special ones, like swirls (that ended up one color anyway). The smell is still the same, not that pleasant. Read more…

Lego Digital Designer Adds a New Dimension to a Classic Toy

Posted on Mar 13, 2012 by 4 Comments

Two of my son’s favorite activities are playing on the computer and building with Legos. Lego Digital Designer lets him do both.

Lego Digital Designer is a free downloadable application that lets you create virtual Lego models. The pieces fit together just like real Lego bricks, which makes the interface very easy for young children to use. Read more…

Rubik’s Cube Reinvented: The Cubicus

Posted on Mar 9, 2010 by No Comments

This reinvention of the Rubik’s Cube of yesterday is a fun toy that promotes creativity, not frustration. Cubicuswas created in 1968 by Peer Clahsen and is now available from Naef, a toy maker from Switzerland.

Any design conscious mom (or child) is going to love the clean lines of Cubicus. The toy allows you to expand the cube and stack its parts to create interesting shapes. It starts out as a 4 inch wooded block that can be rearranged into may different shapes. The Cubicus can give your kid’s legos a run for their money.

Cubicus is available from Amazon: