Swimwear That Comes Off In A Snap!

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Swimwear That Comes Off In A Snap!

One of the funnest parts of having little girls is that there are so many different fashion options for dressing them. When I had my son, it seemed that I just picked up several different colors of t-shirts, some denim shorts and jeans, and that was about it. But with my girls? The styles and possibilities are endless!

Except I wasn’t really smart this year when I bought their bathing suits. I bought one piece bathing suits. Why is this not smart? Well, when it’s time for a potty break, not only do they have to take the entire suit off (they’re potty training and sitting backwards on the potty), but they are also hard to get off – especially if they are wet.

And of course, after I already bought the bathing suits, I ran across Snap Me Swimwear

These swimsuits are designed just for little girls. The suit helps eliminate frustrating diaper changing and potty training at the beach or pool! Let’s face it, there’s nothing more gross than accidentally dropping your kid’s bathing suit on the floor of a public restroom while trying to change their diaper…blech!

SnapMe Swimwear has snaps in the crotch-area of the suit, making it a snap to change a diaper without having to remove the entire suit. And because my girls, are potty training, there would be no accidents while trying to fight to get the suit off of them.

Now they are pricey – about $30 which seems crazy when I can get a $10 swimsuit at Old Navy. But this is one case in which I’d definitely be willing to pay a little extra for convenience….would you?

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  • Ruby T.

    I have heard of these and I am thinking of getting one for my daughter. The idea of the snaps is simple and sensible. The convenience of snaps when you’re at a pool and you’re potty-training? Worth it!

  • Mimi

    I bought these suits for my grand daughters – love them! High quality, pretty designs and very functional. Definitely worth it!

  • Pinchus Rose

    What a great, practical idea and good looking to. I see this as a major advantage.

  • http://www.laborlooks.com Ashley

    I heard about these, loved the idea and bought one for my daughter. She turned 2 this summer. It is by far my favorite swimsuit for her. Especially when we were at the lake it made it so EASY to change her. Easier for me and easier for her. They are also high quality and adorable. I highly recommend this product.