StickyGram Gives You Something New to Do with Your Instagram Photos

I’m horrible about taking pictures and then not doing much with them past sharing them on Facebook and, on rare occasion, Twitter.

I’ll save pictures on my computer and I have an external hard drive with them all, but I really keep kicking myself for not printing them out and putting them on display more often.

StickyGram’s kind of motivating for people like me because it gives you a solid answer to, “Where would I put them if I did print them out?” The refrigerator door, of course, because they’re magnets.

Technically, they could go anywhere a magnet will stick, but in my house, it seems like there’s never a good spot to display more pictures. We desperately need more furniture, shelves, or something.

StickyGram photos are 50mm x 50mm, and when you purchase a package, you get nine magnets for $14.99 and free shipping worldwide. The magnets are flexible and get double-checked to make sure the quality is up to par before they’re ever mailed out to you.

You just go onto the website and create your own pack. Because they’re all the same size, you could turn any metal surface into a tiled photo display. It wouldn’t look as haphazard as the average collage but you’d still be able to display tons of pictures in a limited amount of space.

Of course, there’s always the regular refrigerator magnet use, which opens up a world of organization possibilities.

A magnet for each family member, holding up the appropriate to-do list or school calendar. Do you keep a grocery list on your refrigerator so everyone can add things as they run out of them? Surely you have a picture of food in your Instagram collection somewhere. Turn it into a magnet and use it to “label” the list.

Photo credit: StickyGram

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