Squirrel Match Strike Is Cute, Although Not Entirely Practical


My favorite things on the website are the various white ceramic objects, mostly because I have no hope of ever being able to afford most of the other stuff on the site. (Even in my dreams, I’m somewhat realistic!)

If you have a fireplace or just like to burn a lot of candles, I think this Jonathan Adler squirrel match strike is so much cuter than just leaving a box of matches on your shelf.

The squirrel is made of a white porcelain bisque with a frictional base surface designed to ignite strike anywhere matches.

If squirrels aren’t your thing, Jonathan Adler also offers the following options:

  • Pipe Match Strike
  • Devil Match Strike
  • Boom Box Match Strike

Obviously, however, a match strike is something you’re going to need to keep up out of the reach of curious children. My son has been deathly terrified of matches since he was a toddler, but I know my nieces and nephews would have trouble resisting the urge to play with something this cute.

Are you a Jonathan Adler fan? If so, what great finds have you recently discovered?

Photo credit: JonathanAdler.com

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