SquidPacks Let Kids Create a Customized Bag for All Their Stuff

If your child is in need of a new backpack, I suggest checking out SquidPacks. These customizable packs come in black, gray, white, navy, orange, turquoise, and purple.

There are hot pink, lime green, neon coral, royal blue, purple, baby blue, neon yellow, neon orange, turquoise, and gray straps to choose from. Then, you can personalize the backpack even further by adding different charms.

When you buy a bag, you get to pick out the color of the straps that are included. You can buy additional straps as desired.

I can see a bag with lots of different colored straps being popular with preteen girls who like to accessorize, but my son wanted a gray bag with neon orange straps and said it looked so cool that there was “no point” in getting a second pair of straps.

The SquidPack is lightweight, but roomy enough to hold quite a bit of gear. My son says his favorite part of the bag is the bright lime green squid pattern on the inside lining of the bag.

I thought the mp3 player pocket and headphone slot was a neat feature, but my son’s school doesn’t allow the kids to have mp3 players on campus.

The selection of charms for the SquidPack is minimal at the moment, but they’re adding new charms every week. The holes in the straps look like the would work with the Crocs shoe charms though, if your kids have a few favorites they want to display.

Disclaimer: A sample SquidPack was provided by the manufacturer for the purpose of preparing this review.

Photo credit: SquidPack

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