Shutterfly Calling Cards Are Pretty and Practical

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Shutterfly Calling Cards Are Pretty and Practical

Shutterfly is best known for its photo gift selection, but this site actually has a lot of really great stationery products. My favorite item is the Shutterfly calling cards.

Shutterfly calling cards are like business cards, except they have your personal contact information instead of work-related details. You can choose from one of several different decorative designs, including everything from flowers and geometric prints to a cute sports motif.

When I got my first batch of Shutterfly calling cards in the mail, I was amazed by the high quality. The colors are rich and vibrant. The printing is crisp. The paper itself is a nice heavyweight cardstock with a matte finish.

I personally think the shipping for Shutterfly tends to be on the high side, so I always wait to place an order until they are running a free shipping promotion. The last order I placed earned free shipping at $30, which saved me almost $15 in shipping costs.

Shutterfly calling cards can be used for a variety of purposes. They make it easy to provide your contact information when you bump into an old friend while running errands, but don’t have the time to dig through your purse for a pen and paper.

You can hand them out before dropping your child off at a playdate, so the hosts know what number to call in case of an emergency. They are also really great for labeling items taken to potlucks or school functions. I like to tape a card to the bottom of my casserole dish to make sure it doesn’t get misplaced.

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