Sesame Street Bags Would Be a Cute Solution for Toddler Toy Storage

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Sesame Street Bags Would Be a Cute Solution for Toddler Toy Storage

When I started using reusable bags for my grocery shopping, I began to amass a huge collection of bags. For about three months, I think I picked up a new bag every time I went shopping! Eventually, I got into the routine of bringing the bags with me and being able to accurately estimate how many I’d need for a trip.

To use up some of the excess bags in my collection, I turned them into storage for my son’s toys. Hung from pegs or hooks on the walls, they are a cheap way to corral stuffed animals, action figures, art supplies and other lightweight items. They’re also safer than many other types of storage containers, since you don’t need to worry about sharp edges or lids that will pinch tiny fingers.

If you’re looking for a cute kid-friendly storage solution for your child’s room and don’t already have a huge collection of reusable bags, these Sesame Street reusable bags on the Perpetual Kid website would be adorable. They each hold up to 44 pounds and are washable in case your child happens to spill something on them.

There are five characters in the bag set: Elmo, Cookie Monster, Oscar, Big Bird, and Grover. Hung together on the wall, the set would make for a cute addition to any Sesame Street themed toddler room. (If you wish, you can even hang a few of the bags up high to make sure that toys requiring adult supervision aren’t within easy reach.)

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