Scentos Markers Are a Fun Addition to Your Child’s Craft Supply Stash

If you have a child who enjoys drawing and coloring, Scentos scented markers are a worthwhile addition to your craft supply stash.

These cute scented markers are decorated to look like various monster characters. Each marker is a different color and scent.

These markers smell just as nice as the Mr. Sketch scented markers that seem to be a staple in elementary school classrooms, but the cute designs on the barrels are a fun touch.

The chunky barrel might be a bit too big for very young children to draw with, but my eight-year-old has no trouble drawing with them.

Of all the Scentos markers we have, the one-eyed pink monster that smells like watermelon is my son’s favorite. The grape marker is also quite fragrant.

I found the Scentos markers at our local Walmart store. They were $1.00 for each marker. I have seen a few places online selling multipacks, but have not found the multipacks in stores.

According to the Scentos website, the company makes limited edition Halloween and Christmas markers as well as other special seasonal designs. I didn’t discover this product in time for Christmas this year, but I’ll definitely be on the lookout for Scentos new markers in the future.

Scentos markers are non-toxic, but the markers I purchased were not labeled as being washable markers. I drew a small heart on my hand as a test and was able to get it off with a minimal amount of scrubbing, but I’d be cautious if your kids tend to draw on themselves or the walls.

Have your kids tried Scentos markers? If so, what do they think of this product?

Photo credit: Scentos

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