ReUsies: No More Plastic Sandwich Bags

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The typical lunch you prepare for your child contains about three plastic sandwich bags. That means, for each kiddo, 1000 sandwich bags are used over the course of a year. Talk about wasteful – not to mention harmful for the environment. ReUsies has an alternative that caught my eye: a reusable sandwich bag.

ReUsies, made by some moms in Seattle, are a sandwich bag alternative. Think reusable envelope for your sandwich and snacks. They are made of 100% cotton lined with 100% water resistant nylon (BPA, Phthalate and lead free) and have velcro closures. They can be washed in the washing machine, dishwasher or simply wiped clean with soap and water.

If you are using a lunch bag (or box) that is also re-usable (i.e. NOT paper or plastic), then these might be up your alley. The only reservation we have about these ReUsies is that they may get lost or thrown away, in which case, you’ll be back with the plastic bags. At $9 per ReUsies, that would be an expensive lunch if they didn’t make it home with you.

But, they do have really great designs – either cute or plain, depending on your needs (or mood). I, personally, like the Going Green Sandwich bag paired with the Green Diamond Snack bag. I mean, if you’re going green, you might as well go green, right?

The ReUsies Sandwich Bag costs $8.95 while the smaller Snack Size Bag costs $6.95. You can also buy a pack that contains two sandwich bags and one snack bag for $16.95. ReUsies can be purchased directly from their website, at select retailers, or at Amazon:

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