ReSnackIt Offers a Thrifty, Eco-Friendly Way to Pack Your Child’s Lunch

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ReSnackIt Offers a Thrifty, Eco-Friendly Way to Pack Your Child’s Lunch

Packing lunch for your kids can be a great way to save money, but not if you’re constantly purchasing disposable bags and other throw-away containers for their lunchboxes. If you want to be a thrifty mama while doing your part to help protect the environment, you’ll need to invest in some sturdy reusable containers.

Instead of plastic sandwich bags, try ReSnackIt’s line of adorable reusable fabric snack bags. These eco-friendly products come in prints for both boys and girls, including peace signs, baseballs, smiley faces, bugs, cats, and skateboarders.

I recently received a sample ReSnackIt snack bag to try in my son’s lunchbox. He loved the colorful penguin print and the bag was very easy to clean. The Velcro seal did a good job of keeping crumbs from winding up all over his lunchbox.

ReSnackIt snack bags are good for more than just school lunches though. The bags are the perfect size for stashing crayons and a tiny notebook in your purse to keep your kids busy while you wait for a meal at your favorite restaurant. I also used the ReSnackIt bag to split a large order of popcorn with my son at the movie theater.

Splitting popcorn saves a ton of cash at my local theater, but my son likes to have his own bag to eat out of. The ReSnackIt bag was perfect for portion control and sturdy enough that I didn’t need to worry about him accidentally dumping a $6 bucket of popcorn all over the floor.

You can order ReSnackIt bags online or through select local retailers. I also noticed that ReSnackIt works with schools and other organizations to host fundraisers. If you’re sick of your kids peddling overpriced wrapping paper and subscriptions to magazines you never read, this seems like a good practical alternative.

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  • joquena

    Reusable snack bags are such a great idea. I need to get more! I don’t have enough to keep up with 2 kids and hubby’s lunches every day. I need at least 40 :-)

  • laurel

    I actually need this for my husband, but I always just see kid or girly prints, lol! They have plain black here though, that may work!

  • Adventures In Babywearing

    I’ve had some reusable snack bags like this but really need to get enough to make a full transition. I do like the idea of it!