Promise Monsters Encourage Kids to Complete Kindness Missions

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Promise Monsters Encourage Kids to Complete Kindness Missions

If your children love stuffed animals and you’re trying to encourage them to think about ways they can be kind to others, you might want to consider buying a Promise Monster or two.

Promise Monsters are stuffed monster toys that come with a top secret “Kindness Mission” that you don’t find out about until you open the sealed envelope that comes with the monster.

The missions are suitable for kids ages 5 and up and include tasks such as baking brownies for a neighbor or drawing a picture to brighten the day of an unsuspecting friend. After your child completes the mission, you enter a special code into the Promise Monsters website to receive a reward.

The rewards are actual tangible items like monster diapers, caps, and superhero capes for your child’s stuffed toy. Points can be saved to earn credit towards larger rewards, if desired.

The Promise Monsters line currently includes three larger monsters and three smaller “Smarshmallows” monsters. My personal favorite Promise Monster is Frank, one of the company’s original designs. He has movable arms and hand-tied tentacles.

To keep the fun going for your kids, you can also purchase extra mission cards redeemable for more reward points.

If you’re trying to buy Made in America products, you’ll be pleased to hear that Promise Monsters are handmade in Indianapolis, Indiana. Founders Michael and Erin Bogan based their initial products off monster drawings made by their children.

Since Promise Monsters is a small company, the toys are only available on their website and at about a dozen independent toy stores and gift shops throughout Indiana and Michigan.

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  • Mom Home Guide

    This is a great idea! Love it.


    My older 2 boys are too old for this but I think my youngest is going to love one. I am so glad to support an American-made toy company, too.

  • Living The Scream

    This looks neat. I would love my kids to learn more about being kind to others.