Pottery Barn’s Millennium Falcon Room Would Be Perfect for My Son

Normally, I’m not a fan of children’s rooms with movie or TV themes. Most of what I’ve seen is too garish to justify the price.

But, I love this Millennium Falcon bedroom on the Pottery Barn website. I’m 99.9% sure my son’s Star Wars obsession isn’t going anywhere and this room is fun while still being somewhat tasteful.

I think this would be the perfect room for a tween boy. It’s got kid appeal, but can easily be adapted when your son gets older so its not quite so heavily themed.

My husband is 35 and I think he’d probably still love a room with most of this stuff!

Pottery Barn also has two other Star Wars room themes: The Empire Strikes Back and AT-AT.

I’m really partial to the abundance of navy in the Millennium Falcon room, however. Gray does not seem like a great color for a kids bedroom in my book.

Of course, the main problem with any of the Star Wars themed rooms is the price. Sadly, my limited budget does not have any allowances for things like $300 LED Death Star artwork.

I’ve seen a few sites with Pottery Barn knockoffs in the past, but no cheaper versions of their Star Wars stuff.

I suppose I could start with the Darth Vader pillows and buy a bit at a time, but I might have grandchildren by the time I finish the room!

What do you think of this room theme? Any ideas for how to get the Pottery Barn look on a Target budget?

Photo credit: Pottery Barn Kids

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