Playhut’s Disney Fairies Play Tent Campout Makes a Cute Getaway Spot for Girls

My mom picked the Playhut Disney Fairies Play Tent Campoutup for my daughter on a whim as a bonus birthday gift because it was on sale for $15, and it turned out to be something she just didn’t know she wanted yet.

This play tent has probably gotten more use than any of the other toys she received that week.

When she wants quiet time, she goes in there with her dolls. When she wants to be mischievous and “hide” from me when it’s time to get ready for school, that’s usually where I can find her. When she just wants the dog out of her face for a while when she wants to play on the floor, she goes inside and closes the door.

It’s easy for her to jump in and out of because the door is just a slit held together by a few pieces of Velcro, not a zipper. It also has an area where a tunnel can be attached, but for right now, she’s just using it as a window and second door.

The only disappointing thing about it is that it doesnt have a floor. That probably plays a role in how easy it is to fold it up, flatten it out, and take it to another room or on a road trip, though, so it’s not all bad.

We have it in a carpeted room, so it isn’t a huge deal; we were just surprised when we took it out of the box. It’s very lightweight, almost like picking up a large kite, but it’s also surprisingly sturdy.

There was no set-up required. As soon as I took it out of the box, I was able to pop everything into place and she was ready to play.

I think most kids like to have their own little getaways, and with this tent, you can keep your eye on them (the door is sheer) from a distance. The compact size makes this tent good for one child, but with more than one kid inside, it could get a little cramped.

Each side is around 2.5 to 3 feet wide. From a height perspective, my five-year-old can’t stand up inside of it and though she’s tall for her age, I can’t imagine many kids over two or three being able to stand inside of it.

Photo credit: Playhut

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