Pillow Pet Dream Lites Don’t Disappoint

My daughter got a Pillow Pet Dream Lite at the end of December and she has used it every night since then. It’s not exactly the snuggliest Pillow Pet, so she keeps her original one in the bed with her and the Dream Lite on the nightstand beside her bed.

The unicorn (there are other animals available, just like with regular Pillow Pets) is adorable and the fur is as soft as the regular pillow pets. The hard plastic on top of that is what makes it hard to cuddle with, but it wouldn’t be impossible or especially uncomfortable.

You can turn on the Dream Lite at night without worrying about sneaking back in to turn it off after your child’s asleep. It turns off by itself after 20 minutes.

You can choose one of three colors (blue, amber, or green) of stars and an image of the Pillow Pet’s face to project onto the ceiling, or you can make it cycle through the colors over and over until it turns off, which I think is the most fun.

You can leave them plugged in if they stay perched on a dresser or nightstand, or you can unplug them and they’ll still run on batteries.

The Dream Lites are around $30. You can order them online from My Pillow Petsor pick one up at Target or Toys R Us.

I think these are some of the cutest products out right now for children, and I love that it hasn’t been tossed aside at all in about a month. With most toys, the “wow” factor wears off more quickly and I’m left wondering why we bought them. That’s not the case with this one.

Photo credit: Target

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