Philips AVENT Natural Drinking Cup: The First Toddler Cup Of Its Kind

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Philips AVENT Natural Drinking Cup: The First Toddler Cup Of Its Kind

With two terrible-two-year-olds running around the house, there are lots of cups, spills, and messes as we try to transition them from sippy cups to “big girl” cups. It’s not fun. They tend not to pay attention to where they set their cups, and end up spilling cups of milk and water all the time. It’s frustrating, but they need to learn, right?

Enter Philips AVENT Natural Drinking Cup for toddlers.

This cup is the first toddler cup of its kind and was just released in the last couple of months. What’s cool about this cup is that it is spill-proof and doesn’t have a spout or straw; it has a lip like regular cups do! The Natural Drinking Cup allows kids that are ready to drink with regular drinking cups learn to drink without spilling all over the place. When your child’s lips touch the rim of the cup, it activates liquid flow.

It’s supposed to be spill-proof, although my kids did dribble down the front of them as they started using the cup the cool people over at Philips Avent sent me to try out, but that wasn’t the cup’s fault! And if the kids swing the cup around or shake it, liquid does come out of it, but it doesn’t spill like a real cup would.

I mentioned they sent me a cup to give to my kids to try out – I liked it so much I bought another one! The 9 oz. cup is designed for children 12+ months, though my girls used sippy cups until recently (they’re 2-1/2). I wish these cups would’ve been available when they were learning to use a cup and we could’ve avoided sippy cups all together!

The cup also comes with a hygienic snap-on lid, so when you’re on the go you don’t have to worry about the cup leaking in your purse. It’s dishwasher safe, BPA-free and retails for about $6.99. Worth every penny in my book!

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  • Penny W.

    Sounds like a great transition cup! I wonder if all the spouted sippy cups contribute to dental overbites down the road? Some kids use their sippy cups way longer than they should.

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