Little Green Provides Natural Skincare for Sensitive Skin


If you are looking for made in the USA skincare products that are natural and suitable for people with sensitive skin, the Little Green brand is a great choice.

Little Green products are marketed as being for babies and children, but they’d be perfectly fine to swipe for your own use if needed. Little Green makes body wash, lotion, and hair detangler. My personal favorite product, however, is their soothing balm.

The soothing balm is designed for cheeks, lips, and small dry patches on the skin. It looks like a very large tube of lip balm. (My son actually called it a glue stick when I gave it to him!)

The balm is made with natural ingredients like beeswax, jojoba oil, avocado oil, and evening primrose. It has no parabens or allergens. While the Little Green body lotion has a light citrusy fragrance, I don’t notice any sort of scent in the Little Green balm.

I like that the balm is lightweight and doesn’t feel greasy on the skin. It’s a nice size to throw in your purse or diaper bag. I’ve found that applying moisturizing products throughout the day is the best way to keep my son’s dry skin under control, so the portability of the Little Green balm is a major selling point for me.

Visit Amazon website to locate a store that sells the soothing balm and other products in the line.checkprice

Kiss My Face Shower Gels Use Aromatherapy to Soothe and Invigorate


Did you ever notice how taking a shower is like a mini-vacation once you become a mom? I love taking a nice long shower because it’s the one time of day I’m guaranteed to get some peace and quiet!

If you’re looking for a few new products to add to your shower routine, the new aromatherapy shower gels from Kiss My Face let you make the most of every minute spent in the shower.

The Kiss My Face Early To Bed Shower Gel is designed to be used at night time to help calm and relax you. It includes clove, chamomile, jasmine, lavender, neroli, and ylang ylang essential oils.

The Kiss My Face Early To Rise Shower Gel is for those of you who prefer a morning shower and need something to help perk you up a bit. It includes bay, basil, eucalyptus, juniper, lemon, lemongrass, grapefruit, peppermint, spearmint, and wintergreen botanicals.

Both shower gel varieties are made with olive oil, aloe, and vitamin E oil to provide a great natural moisturizer suitable for all skin types. The shower gels, like other Kiss My Face products, are gluten free, phthalate free, paraben free, biodegradable, vegan friendly, and made without animal testing.

I’m a big fan of aromatherapy in general, so I really like both of these shower gels. They have a rich lather and the olive oil helps moisturize your skin during the harsh winter months.

The Early to Bed Shower Gel is great for helping you unwind at the end of a long day. It’s like a more sophisticated version of the various lavender scented baby bath products intended to help calm your little one at nighttime.

The Early to Rise Shower Gel is also pretty effective, but it has a strong enough scent that it can interfere with other body products you’re wearing. I ended up switching to a citrusy perfume on the days I use the Early to Rise Shower Gel because the combination of the shower gel and my floral body spray was unpleasant.checkprice

Get Your Child To Stop Biting Nails with Mavala Stop


My husband has a horrible habit: he bites his nails. It drives me totally crazy and I cannot stand it when he watches TV and mindlessly bites his nails. And the best part about this? My 3 year old son has started doing it too. So I was very glad to find Mavala Stop.

Mavala offers a great polish that helps break this yucky habit. It’s a transparent polish that has a distinct bitter taste that discourages kids (and adults!) from nail biting or putting their fingers in their mouths. It tastes horrible, but is completely harmless.

All you have to do is apply a coat on the nail and let it dry. Then repeat the application every two days until you have broken the habit of biting your nails.

Mavala polish is recommended for children who are 3 years or older because children’s taste buds are not fully developed before this age and the product may not be effective. It can be used alone or over color. It’s also recommended for kids who suck their thumbs. I did read in a few reviews that you have to be careful though because the kids will taste it anytime they put their fingers in their mouths (like while eating).

Am I going to try it? I’m not sure. It seems kind of mean and I hate to think that every time he eats he will end up tasting the polish as well. It is reasonably priced, and I guess I could take it off if it really bothers him.

What do you think? Should I try Mavala Stop? Do you have any other suggestions I could try first?checkprice

Tie Chair: A Portable, Easy To Use High Chair


Here’s what I know about high chairs: they are kind of a pain to deal with. They’re bulky and take up a lot of room. Even if you get the kind that just is strapped to your counter or to a regular kitchen chair, they’re still hard to keep clean and they’re not exactly the nicest thing to look at. And if you are visiting friends or family who don’t have children? They don’t usually have a spare high chair laying around, and trying to lug one around with you isn’t at all convenient. Which is why I love the idea of the Tie Chair.
The Tie Chair is a portable, washable highchair. It’s all fabric, with no hard plastic or metal buckles. It’s easy to fold up and store in a diaper bag or to keep in your car for when you need it. This means that you’ll never be stuck holding your child and trying to eat at the same time again.

All you have to do is slip the cover (it kind of looks like a pillow case) over the back of the chair, tie one set of ties on the back of the chair, place your child on the it, and then wrap the second set of ties around the chair and back to the front to secure your child and create a little seat for them. If used correctly, it’s extremely safe and almost impossible for your child to get out of!

The Tie Chair will fit most dining chairs and can be used from the time your child can sit up all the way until preschool age. And? I saw the Tie Chair priced much cheaper than your regular, old high chair!

This is a product I think would make a great baby shower gift, and one that I wished I’d known about when I had my kids. What do you think? Is this a product you would use?checkprice

Sex Ed for Grown-Ups


Sex education in American schools has always left a lot to be desired, which is why books like The New Naked: The Ultimate Sex Education for Grown-Ups are so helpful.

The New Naked answers many of the questions you’ve always had, but were too afraid to ask. If you’re wondering how much sex the average couple your age is having or how long the typical man lasts, Dr. Fisch gives you the inside scoop.

Dr. Fisch also talks about the dangers of chronic masturbation, causes of premature ejaculation, how to treat erectile dysfunction, and excessive pornography consumption as a sign of sexual addition. If you’re in a committed relationship with just one sexual partner, feel free to skip over the parts that don’t apply to your situation.

The New Naked is written for the heterosexual adult female reader, which I suspect is because most men would rather retreat to a deserted island than admit that they’re having trouble in the sack.

Dr. Fisch is a board certified urologist at New York Presbyterian Hospital and a clinical professor of urology and reproductive medicine at Weill Medical College of Cornell University. He has been listed on the “Best Doctors in America” list for the past nine years.

Of course, good sex isn’t just about the mechanical aspects. In addition to discussing some of the possible medical concerns you might encounter, Dr. Fisch spends a great deal of time explaining his LSD system for improving your love life. He’s not advocating the use of illicit drugs, but is encouraging you to work on the three components of a strong relationship: listening, security, and desire.

For women, I think his tips for expressing your fantasies to your partner are likely to be the most helpful. Women tend to be culturally conditioned to let men take the lead in the bedroom, so it’s liberating to have someone tell you that it’s OK to speak up and let your partner know what you want.checkprice

An Easier Way to Ensure Medication Compliance


The MedCenter system is designed to make it easier for patients to remember to take their daily medications. The system was created to emphasize the date of the month rather than the day of the week. The date is located on each pill box, as well as the visual clock display. The date repetition helps promote medication compliance, even if the user is not sure whether it’s Wednesday or Thursday.

To use the MedCenter system:

Load the entire month’s medications into the daily pill boxes. Place the boxes into the organizer with the green ends up.
Set up to four daily alarms to alert you when your medication is due.
At the beginning of the day, take the correct pill box out of the stand and place it into the “Today’s Pills” tray on the front of the organizer stand.
A repeating reminder notifies you of the time, the date and which daily dose to take. “Good morning! Please take your morning pills for the 20th.”
Press the red “Alarm Acknowledged” button to confirm that you’ve taken the pills. The MedCenter Talking Alarm Clock then tells you when the next daily dose is due.
At the end of the day, return the pill box to the stand with the red end up to show all of the medication has been taken.
I don’t personally take a lot of medication, but I can see this being useful for someone who takes pills for multiple conditions. I’m sure it would help my parents, although I suspect I’d have to personally demonstrate how to use the product since they are intimidated by anything with electronic components.

I think a product like this would also be helpful if you’re a parent trying to remember to give your child medication at the right time. It always seems to be especially difficult for me to remember to give my son antibiotics at the proper time when he is sick.checkprice

Aveeno Stress Relief Lotion Has All the Advantages of the Regular Version Plus a Delightful Fragrance


Warning: Only use this in the evenings because the scent will lull you into a fantastic, relaxed state that will inevitably end in sleep, and you don’t want that to happen at your desk. I guess if you’re incredibly stressed out, this might lower you down to a level where you can function more easily without face-planting on the keyboard.

Right now, I’m trying to finish up some work after slathering this lotion all over my legs and hands, and it’s getting tougher to concentrate. I didn’t start out stressed; I just started out itchy. It’s good for that, too.

This version of the Aveeno lotion so many of us with chronically dry or dehydrated and sensitive skin have come to know and love is quite the improvement. The regular Aveeno has “no” scent that’s actually a faint, slightly unpleasant smell.

This one has a mix of lavender, ylang-ylang, and chamomile that I can only describe as divine. It’s a sweet, floral type of scent rather than the masculine, herbal type some lavender products tend to take on. The moisturizing and itch-relief capabilities are the same as they are with the regular Aveeno lotion. I got almost instant relief. There’s still colloidal oatmeal, just like there is in the original, and the consistency feels about the same.

If you struggle with eczema or just relentlessly dry, itchy skin, you’ll soon find that this is worth every penny (you’ll probably say the same if you’re stressed or often have trouble sleeping, too).

If you’re familiar with that intense stinging sensation that happens when you put other lotions on dry, irritated or chapped skin, you’ll want to try this. I can only speak from my own experiences, but the stinging—when there is stinging—is much less intense and lasts a lot less time with Aveeno lotions. I use this on my daughter, who was “lucky” enough to get skin like mine (we hate winter), and she loves it.checkprice

Go Green! How to Make Your Own Cleaning Products


We’re celebrating Earth Month this month, and there are a lot of different things that you can do to “go green” without making huge changes to your daily routine or putting too much effort into it.

I have mentioned before that I write at, and I recently wrote a post about 10 easy ways to go green. I do lots of simple things in my home to live a little greener, including buying from green brands, using green products, and things like that.

We are currently also in the process of having solar panels put on our house – not cheap, but in the long run it will save us thousands of dollars. But by far, my favorite green thing I do is make my own cleaning products.

One of the reasons I love making my own cleaning products is because I know I’m not using harmful chemicals that my kids can get their hands on. I’m using ingredients that aren’t harmful to the environment, my family, or our pets. While it might sound like a lot of work, it actually takes just a few minutes to do, and because you are using concentrated ingredients, they seem to last longer.

And did I mention that making your own cleaning products is much less expensive than buying these products? Yeah, pennies on the dollar, and I’m not joking.

So how do you do it? Well with a few simple ingredients like vinegar, water, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda, you can clean just about anything in your home! Here’s how to make your own cleaning products.

Fill a spray bottle with equal parts vinegar and water. That’s it. You can use it on windows, glass, mirrors, and any glass surfaces. No harsh chemicals, and if you use Scott Naturals paper towels or old newspapers, you’ll get streak-free glass every time!

I use the recipe from Gorgeously Green (check out this page because there are a TON of make your own cleaning product how-to’s there!), and I have for years. I can’t tell you the last time I bought all-purpose cleaner.

Simply fill a 32-ounce spray bottle with 2 cups water, 1/2 cup distilled white vinegar, 1 teaspoon pure castile soap (I sometimes omit this and it works just as well), and 3/4 cup hydrogen peroxide.

You can add about 20 drops of tea tree oil, lavender oil, or lemon grass oil for a clean scent. Use this anywhere you would normally use all-purpose cleaners, including any kitchen and bathroom surfaces that are not granite.

You don’t need to buy Comet; just use baking soda instead! It’s cheaper and less abrasive, and won’t harm the kids or pets if they get into it.

I mentioned Scott Naturals products and that they help make Spring Cleaning easier – start your SCOTT Naturals™ Test Drive at or check ‘em out on Facebook.

You can even pledge to switch to SCOTT Naturals for four weeks. The state with the greatest participation rate will receive a $50,000 donation to be applied to local conservation efforts; just another easy way one small step can lead to a big change.

Just think – if everyone tried SCOTT Naturals™ for just four weeks, we’d save over 2 million trees!checkprice

Review of Modern Co-Sleeper: the Baby Bunk


The Baby Bunk is very clean lined, extremely useful co-sleeper that is both beautiful and functional. Its wooden design is such a welcome change from the frilly bassinets or the plain jane co-sleepers out there like the Arm’s Reach.

The Baby Bunk is a wooden bed with three sides, two arms that fit under your mattress and two legs that go down to the floor. It offers a separate space for baby while still having her “in bed” with you.

I’ve used this co-sleeper now for 2 babies and it’s really made those first few months possible. I mean, sure, you’re sleep deprived and all but with this bed you don’t have to get up to check on the baby, just turn and open your eyes. Boy, does that make getting back to sleep easier.

And, as a new mom, you check on your new baby A LOT. There is this fear that overtakes just about every new mother I know…the fear that your baby has stopped breathing. I mean, when I brought my first baby home I must have put my finger under her nose a thousand times if I did it once.

The Baby Bunk is easy to lift your baby out of, and to put her back without really waking her up. Believe me, in the middle of the night after you’ve fed her and burped her and finally gotten her to close her eyes again, the last thing you want to do is wake her when you lay her down. There is less jostling, less up and down than with other beds because of the way this co-sleeper is designed. It has 3 sides and your mattress makes the fourth side. So, you can simply lean over and pick up baby then lean over and put her back. Easy peasy.

The 3 sided configuration may make you wonder about how to keep the covers from drifting over and smothering the baby. It definitely crossed my mind, too. All I can say is that I push the covers over to my husband’s side of the bed so there is not enough fabric from my side to migrate over. It’s never been a problem for us.

Another concern that I’ve heard about the 3 sided design is what if the baby wiggles over and plants her face in between your mattress and the bunk. First off, the bunk is stable, so moving it isn’t easy, especially not for a baby. You do have to make sure that it is properly positioned next to your bed. Each time I make my bed I push it in so that I know it’s in the right spot because it can move.

Second, the mattress you sleep on is really no different than a bumper, that is if you don’t have a large feather top on your mattress that goes down around the sides. If you do have a soft, fluffy feather bed that fits around your mattress and makes the side a suffocation hazard, then best to remove that before using this co-sleeper.

The Baby Bunk can be used for 4 or so months or until your little one is able to sit up and possibly pull on the sides and fall over. Then, it’s time for the next step in infant sleeping arrangements.

If you are interested in to co-sleeping but don’t want the baby in the bed between you and your partner, then this is a great solution. Like I said, I’ve used it for 2 babies and have loved it. I’ve even had friends come over and ask to borrow it when their time comes because they like it so much!

But, the thing that sold me on this (and it’s really a little thing) is that you can buy 4 short legs for it and make it a bench for your child when she is old enough to use it. Imagine it sitting near the front door – a perfect spot for putting on and taking off shoes. I love it when something has multiple lives!checkprice

Nap Nanny To Help Baby Sleep


The Nap Nanny baby recliner is an excellent option for babies who do not like to sleep. The inclined position helps to comfort infants who may have colic, reflux, gas colds and flu… or even those with more serious health issues, like Cerebral Palsy, heart conditions or G-tube feeders. Or simply for babies who like to sleep in a more seated position because, afterall, babies can be picky about where and how they sleep.

The Nap Nanny is a foam positioner that elevates your baby 30 degrees, which is recommended by many doctors. The “Child Security” foam design cradles your tot while a safety harness keeps them securely in place.

Many moms have used the Nap Nanny and found excellent results. Sandra Bullock’s son Louis is pictured sleeping in one in this month’s issue of People Magazine. Other celebrity fans include Chad Lowe and Kim Painter, Marissa Winokur and Tisha Campbell-Martin.

Righteous Kill Producer Lati Grobman has found the Nap Nanny incredibly helpful as she juggles triplets:

The Nap Nanny is a miracle device. I can plop Jonathan, Daniel or Dylann on it and instantaneously they are calm or fall asleep on a safe place. Nothing like a little piece of mind for me and a piece of heaven for them.

The Nap Nanny was created by Comcast SportsNet reporter Leslie Gudel when the sleep deprived mom˜s new baby wouldn’t sleep flat. She went searching for a solution and when she couldn’t find one, she invented it.

It is even recommended by pediatricians and nurse practitioners. JJ Levinson has been a practicing pediatrician in the Los Angeles area for nearly 20 years:

I have to unequivocally say that all parents have been thrilled with the quantum changes in mood (all for the better) that their babies experienced after using the Nap Nanny.