Blondi hair spray

Video: Oscar Blandi Pronto Volume and Texture Spray

Celebrity hairstylist Oscar Blandi’s Pronto Texture & Volume Spray turns limp hair into mega-big, mega-fun hair. To use, lift sections of hair and spray all…

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newmans own dog treats

Treats for Allergy-Prone Dogs

My dog has so many allergy issues. We have to be very careful about the food and treats we give him, and if my daughter…

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Teach Toddlers About Caring for a New Baby

In my experience, books with interactive elements tend to be great for coaxing active children into sitting still long enough to hear a story. Being…

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Video: Does It Work: WaxVac Ear Wax Remover

Ear wax is so annoying! And using swabs to clean your ears can be dangerous, so what can you do? The WaxVac ear wax vacuum…

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