OPI Mariah Carey Liquid Sand Nail Polish in Stay the Night Is a Miss

The OPI Mariah Carey Liquid Sand nail polishes are a limited edition release for spring 2013 and they’re meant to be worn without a top coat to highlight their combination of a matte base and glitter.

There are four shades, but I picked up Stay the Night, a matte black base with red glitter. If you’re familiar with an eyeshadow from MAC called Beauty Marked, the color is almost identical to that. As with that shadow, it takes a little work to make this color look like it does in the container once you’ve put it to work.

With this shade, I need two to three coats to make it look opaque and pretty. However, it doesnt look the way I’d hoped it would. The base just looks a little dingy, not matte, and the glitter is pretty but just looks like the average glitter polish painted over the top of another color. It’s a gorgeous polish, but it doesnt accomplish the look I thought it would.

The texture’s kind of interesting. The polish is called Liquid Sand and it really does feel gritty like sand once it’s dried. It’s not just the glitter; the texture just isn’t the same.

It’s not noticeable as you apply it, though, and it actually applies smoothly, like a normal polish from OPI.

Wear time’s not great, but that’s to be expected. I’ve never had any special finish polishes last for very long. I got about one full day out of this before it chipped, and it took at least 30 to 45 minutes to completely dry.

I had to redo one nail because it smudged after 20 minutes or more, even though all my nails had felt dry to the touch. Once it starts to chip, it’s nearly impossible to get the rest of it off.

This is an interesting concept, but I don’t think I’d buy another bottle of this color or another color in this Liquid Sand formula. The wear time and dry time are not great, the color’s not as special as it looks in the bottle, and I just dont feel like the finish is what it should be.

I’m interested in trying out Zoya’s Pixie Dust line for a comparison.

Photo credit: OPI

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