Mystical Mandala Coloring Book Is Fun for Creative Kids (And Their Moms!)

I love coloring books. Even though my son doesn’t like to color as much as he used to, I still find myself picking up coloring books with unique designs in them.

One really cool coloring book option is the Mystical Mandala coloring book from Dover Publications. This book has 30 different mandala designs to color and can be purchased on for just $3.95.

Visit the Dover Publications website for a sneak peek inside the book. Dover Publications offers watermarked online previews for many of their books, so this is a fun site to browse if you’re looking for unique gift ideas for creative kids or adults.

Mandalas are symmetrical circular designs that are often used an aid to meditation. Even the simple act of coloring a mandala is surprisingly calming. I’ve been known to color a few myself with watercolor pencils or fine tipped markers. Regardless of whether or not I’m in a cranky mood when I start, I’m always pretty mellow when I finish.

Once your child is finished coloring the designs in the Mystical Mandala coloring book, you could use them in all sorts of different craft projects. The mandalas would be great backgrounds for scrapbook pages.

You could frame a collection of them and make one large piece of wall art. Glue them to a sturdy background and have the surface laminated to make place mats for your dining room table. If you have an old end table or bookshelf, you could decoupage the mandalas onto the surface to give your item a completely new look.

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