Moulin Routy Tool Set Is Perfect for the Young Woodworker

My son has recently started talking about wanting to “build stuff” with Dad this summer. Although this makes me very nervous, I can see how learning how to use real tools seems like a thrilling activity for an eight-year-old boy.

So, I will try to put my fears of bodily injury aside and be supportive of this father-son bonding experience. I’m also kind of curious to see what they end up building, since my son has been very vague as to what sort of project he wants to try.

Since my son says he needs his own tools for building, this tool set from Moulin Routy on the Mighty Nest website caught my eye immediately. Moulin Routy is a French company that makes heirloom quality toys and activity kits for children.

This is a fully functional tool set that includes a hammer, saw, ruler, Philips screwdriver, regular screwdriver, and pencil. The tools are sized to be more comfortable for a child’s hands and the wooden toolbox provides a handy way to keep everything organized when you’re done. The tool set is labeled as being recommended for kids ages six years and older.

Although I think the small tool set would probably been enough to keep my son happy, there is a larger Moulin Routy set that includes a square ruler, ruler, C-clamp, Philips screwdriver, regular screwdriver, chisel, mallet, plier, plane, sanding block, gimlet, hammer, hand saw and spirit level that might be a good gift for a slightly older child.

The small tool set sells for $32.95, while the larger tool set is priced at $72.95.

If you have sons, what age where they when they first started wanting to work with tools?

Photo credit: Mighty Nest

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