Moulin Roty Sewing and Kitting Kit Teaches Youngsters the Basics

I was a very “crafty” sort of kid, so the children’s craft section is my favorite part of any toy store. I haven’t been able to convince my son he wants to learn to knit, but I think this sewing and knitting kit from Moulin Roty is absolutely adorable.

If any of you have a have a child who is interested in learning about sewing and knitting, this would be a wonderful gift idea.

The set features five types of wool, a French knitting dolly, wooden knitting needles, crotchet needle, sewing needles, thimble, scissors, tape measure, buttons, thread, and tapestry thread packaged in a vintage style cardboard suitcase.

The main drawback to the Moulin Roty kit is the high cost, but it’s actually not that expensive compared to many of the high tech electronic toys kids want.

If you have a child who shows a genuine interest in this type of thing, I think it’s totally worth it to give them access to high quality tools instead of always buying the cheap plastic knockoffs companies typically market to kids.

When I was about eight, I received an art kit from my grandparents for Christmas with oil pastels, charcoal, and little tubes of watercolor paint. It was the type of set you’d normally purchase for an adult and came in a beautiful wooden box.

My parents were appalled by how expensive it was, but I was thrilled to have “grown up” supplies to draw with. I was also exceedingly careful not to break the pastels or spill any of the paint on the carpet.

For the craft projects my son shows a genuine interest in, I make it a priority to buy him the highest quality tools we can afford. His favorite thing to do is “make stuff” in my craft room, although I admit that I won’t let him touch my supplies unless he is supervised at all times.

Photo credit: Alex and Alexa


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