MindWare Lets You Give Your Kids a Paint Your Own Pottery Experience at Home

There is a paint your own pottery place about 20 minutes away that my son loves. They have a ton of ceramic items to choose from and a gorgeous work area, but it’s too expensive for us to visit on a regular basis.

So, I’ve been looking into the paint your own pottery kits that you can buy for kids to see if I can find something that replicates the experience at home.

The first thing that attracted me to the MindWare set was the gender neutral packaging. My son is at the age where he’s very sensitive to “boy” and “girl” toys. If it’s pink and purple, it’s a hard sell — even if it’s an item he’d love to play with. And, since many of history’s most famous artists were male, you have to admit that it is ridiculous to market such items to girls alone.

The MindWare kit includes brushes, paint, stencils, and instructions. There are three vases and three bowls. The items are smaller than what you’d find at a pottery painting store, but I think it’s easier for kids to handle the smaller projects before they attempt something big.

One thing that would be helpful with this kit is that the paints are actually the color they will be when they are dry. My son had a very hard time understanding that the pottery glaze would be a different color when it was fired. The store we visited had a chart to show you what the colors would look like, but the process didn’t really sink in until his second visit.

I like to have my son make small gifts for his grandparents occasionally. I think this would be a great set for that purpose. It would also be nice if you were planning a small sleepover or birthday party and needed an activity for the kids to do.

I suspect that you probably can’t actually eat out of the bowls when you are finished, but they would still be cute for kids to use for storing loose change or wrapped candies.

Photo credit: Amazon

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