Melissa & Doug’s Magnetic Responsibility Chart

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Melissa & Doug’s Magnetic Responsibility Chart

One thing that we’ve been working on with our four year old right now is responsibility. We’ve been trying to give him some chores that he can be responsible for in the various activities that he is involved in everyday. Things like picking up his toys and helping clean up after meals. And while he’s not exactly happy about these new responsibilities, he has been excited about putting his progress on the Melissa & Doug’s Magnetic Responsibility Chart.

Created for children 3 and older, this responsibility chart has been a lifesaver in our house! Not only will it track their responsibilities, but also helps you catch them in the act of behaving well (in our case, an example would be being nice to his sisters). If he does what is expected of him, he gets rewards that we decide on at the beginning of the week.

The fabric hinged dry-erase boards reveal a behavior chart on the top, while the other board keeps all the magnets close at hand. The sturdy cord is attached for hanging, and we have it in the kitchen. There are 90 magnets that include descriptions of responsibilities, positive behaviors and rewards. Each magnet also has a picture so that, although my son can’t read yet, he can understand the magnet. The board helps track responsibilities and goals by the days of the week.

I highly recommend this responsibility chart if you have young children. Not only does it help them learn responsibility, but it also allows you (or them!) to choose responsibilities and behaviors for them to focus on. And it’s only around $20!

What do you think of the responsibility chart? Is this something that would be beneficial in your house?

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  • Kristen

    Love it! This would be very beneficial for my kids.

  • Adventures In Babywearing

    This one is something I might be able to get behind and keep up with!


  • Dana Hinders

    We have this. My son loves it, although I’m not very good at keeping up with it.

  • Practical Parenting

    We’ve had this for quite some time and the kids love it. Kids can overwhelmed with too many charts, so we do one behavior at a time and choose a new one once they’ve mastered the first. It’s great :)

  • Sonia’s Goodie Bags

    Does it work for 16 year old boys too?!!