Macy’s Offers a Way to Support Artisans in Need

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Macy’s Offers a Way to Support Artisans in Need

If you’re looking for a few unique home decor pieces to jazz up your living space, I encourage you to check out the Heart of Haiti gift collection at Macy’s.

This collection includes beautiful paper mache vases and serving trays, as well as metal picture frames, bowls, and candle holders. The frames are my favorite, but all of the items are very pretty. Prices vary, but most of the items appear to be in the $40 to $70 range.

According to the Macy’s website, the Heart of Haiti merchandise is made by artisans in Haiti who have been offered some of the first sustainable work since the January 2010 earthquake.

They receive half of the wholesale price for each item in the collection, which provides them with a steady income for home repairs, general living expenses, and school fees for their children.

In addition to the financial benefits, artisans working with the Heart of Haiti initiative can collaborate with US designers. This association strengthens bonds between communities and provides everyone involved with a fresh source of creative inspiration.

Macy’s also has a similar effort that produces merchandise under the Rwanda Path to Peace label. Rwandan women, many of whom are HIV positive, work together to weave baskets and earn the money they need to provide for themselves and their families.

What do you think of the items in the Heart of Haiti and Rwanda Path to Peace collections? Is there a particular item that is on the top of your personal wish list?

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