Little People Nativity Is a Wonderful Addition to Your Christmas Decor

When I was in kindergarten, my mother had a handmade nativity set that she was very proud of. Each piece was ceramic and they were beautifully painted. Unfortunately, the temptation to touch the nativity set was too much for my brother and I to resist.

Before we knew it, one of the wisemen was missing his head and we were both in tears. My mom managed to glue the wiseman’s head back on, but I still feel guilty about it to this day.

To avoid this disaster repeating itself in your own home, I strongly recommend choosing a nativity set that your children can touch. Remember, to a young child, a nativity set looks like a dollhouse. Even kids who are pretty good about leaving the rest of your Christmas decorations alone are going to find a nativity hard to resist.

I’m a sucker for anything featuring Little People, so the Little People nativity is one of my favorite picks for homes with young children. It’s very detailed and looks like a cute holiday decor item instead of a children’s toy. However, it’s completely child-friendly, so your kids can play with baby Jesus, Joseph, and Mary as much as they want.

When my son was a toddler, he’d play with the nativity from Halloween until Valentine’s Day. Occasionally, the characters from the nativity would make an appearance in his other Little People play sets.

Do you have the Little People nativity set? If so, what do you think of this item? Do your children enjoy playing with it in preparation for Christmas?

Photo credit: Toys “R” Us

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