Lefty’s Writing Guide Helps Kids Learn Their Letters

I am actually left handed myself, but I was completely unprepared to teach my little lefty how to write. He tried to copy what his right handed teacher did at school, but it was a real struggle.

I tried demonstrating how I wrote different letters, but I wasn’t real good at explaining the difference between how right handed people write and how left handed people write. Plus, since both of my parents are right handed, my penmanship technique was basically improvised over the years.

If you’re the parent of a left handed child, check out this left handed writing guide set from Lefty’s Left Handed. (Lefty’s is a special shop with items designed exclusively for left handed people.)

The set includes:

  • An 11-1/2″ x 17″ washable place mat sized writing guide
  • Two pads of ruled paper with a dotted midline
  • A set of four damp erase markers

The writing guide has letters that left handed kids draw differently from right handers highlighted with a hand icon. The dry erase markers are helpful so kids can practice following the arrows over and over.

One writing pad has fully lined pages and the other one has a drawing area at top for kids who want to illustrate the stories they are telling.

My son finally has a good grasp on writing, but I think this set would have been really helpful when he was in preschool and kindergarten. It’s only $15, so it’s also quite affordable.

Do you have a left handed child? If so, what tricks or tools have you used to make it easier to teach your lefty how to write?

Photo credit: Lefy’s Left Handed

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