Learn How to Make Your Own Gummy Candies

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Learn How to Make Your Own Gummy Candies

Gummy Fun: Chewy Treats for the Whole Family by Hisako Ogita outlines the process for making your own homemade gummy candies. If you’ve ever had dreams of becoming the next Willy Wonka, this is the book for you.

There are some really neat ideas in this book if you’re interested in trying unusual types of candy. I’m not sure whether I’d like the taste of coffee or green tea gummies, but I can see how these might be fun to make as a gift for someone who really loves these drinks. The liqueur gummies also seem like an interesting treat to make for an adult’s birthday celebration.

Aside from the gift giving potential, I like the concept of being fully aware of what’s in the treats my family is consuming. Ordinary gummy bears have all sorts of questionable ingredients in them, so gummies made with fruit juice or fruit puree are definitely a healthier option.

The orange juice gummies I made for my son were also much more flavorful than anything I’ve purchased from a store in the past.

Making the gummies is not difficult, but it is quite time consuming. I would suggest doubling or tripling the recipe so that you’re not spending an hour in the kitchen to make a dozen pieces of candy. I’d also recommend reading the instructions a few times before you begin.

Some of the recipes for the more complicated gummies refer back to the basic recipes so you need to flip between chapters in order to complete the process. If you’re letting your kids help you make the gummies, it’s easy to miss a step if you aren’t already familiar with what you’re supposed to be doing.

Disclaimer: A copy of Gummy Fun: Chewy Treats for the Whole Family was provided by the publisher for the purpose of preparing this review.

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    My daughters would totally flip over this … I might have to try it!

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    Liqueur gummies — SOLD! How fun is that? We all love gummies in our house, and even though I really don’t drink, I would have a lot of fun making and sharing the liqueur gummies. The kids’s favorite candy over the last year has been gummie worms so this would be a lot of fun for them, too.

  • http://www.livingthescream.com/ Living The Scream

    This book sounds really neat. I am sure my girls would LOVE experimenting with all of the different gummies we could make. How fun this would be!