Kitchen Papers Coloring Placemats Make Mealtime Fun for Young Artists

If your little ones love to color, but have trouble waiting for their meals, the Walker Art Center’s online store has coloring placemats that can help. Kids color the designs, then punch them out to play with.

It’s a creative way to keep their hands and their minds occupied as they wait for their food.

There are two different versions of these fun placemats designed by Cake Vintage. The version featured above is “Paper Disguises” and includes superhero glasses, a pirate’s patch, a bowtie, and glasses with a mustache. The “Paper Pearls” version includes a crown, pearls, a bracelet, and assorted gems.

While these could certainly be used for everyday meals, I think they’d be especially fun at parties. They’d keep the little ones busy during a family get together or serve as a fun birthday party activity.

Crayons or colored pencils would be the obvious choice for coloring the placemats, but you could also give your kids metallic markers or some stick on rhinestones if you want to give the designs a bit more pizzazz.

My eight year old loves to color the designs on the kids’ meal placemats whenever we go out to eat, so I’m sure he’d be thrilled with this product. My only problem would be that he’d want to color the whole package of placemats at once instead of waiting to use one during each meal.

There are 25 placemats in each package. The retail price is $25.00 per package.

What do you think of these placemats? Is this an activity your child would enjoy?

Photo credit: Walker Art Center

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