KidKraft Easel Desk Does Double Duty

At eight, my son seems to be approaching an awkward stage. He’s getting more and more interested in tween stuff, but still likes to do some of the traditional little kid activities every once in a while.

His room is in serious need of a redo to accommodate this changing attitude.

One thing I think might help him is this cool desk from KidKraft. I like that this desk features plastic bins at the bottom for storing small toys like Legos or action figures and has shelves for displaying books or collectibles. I love that you can fold it up to create a chalkboard or easel, then bring it back down to make a flat surface for doing homework or putting together models.

Right now, we have an easel and a desk in his room. Having a 2-in-1 piece would free up some more space so that the room doesn’t seem as cluttered.

I’ve been pleased with the quality of other KidKraft items I’ve purchased in the past, so I think it should be sturdy enough to last for several years.

You can buy this KidKraft easel desk on the Walmart website for $134.97. Whenever you order from, I highly recommend choosing the free site to store shipping option. Picking your item up from the nearest Walmart store is a great way to save some cash on your purchase, especially since shipping for heavier items can add up quickly.

What do you think of the KidKraft easel desk? Is this something your child would get a lot of use out of?

Photo credit: Walmart

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