Keep Celebrating Earth Day With The Envirocycle Mini Composter

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Keep Celebrating Earth Day With The Envirocycle Mini Composter

Even with Earth Month past, I thought it would be great to share some cool environmentally friendly ideas to keep celebrating Earth Day every day. Like using Scott Naturals products, learning how to make your own cleaning products, and now introducing you to the Envirocycle Mini Composter.

I currently own the Garden Gourmet Composter, which is a tall bin that requires you to put a shovel in and turn the materials you put in it. It’s not very convenient, and I’ll admit that I forget to turn it a lot. Which is why I really want to get the Envirocycle.

The Envirocycle has a compact, versatile design that makes it easy to put anywhere, and it’s much less conspicuous than the one I have. If you have limited space, this composter is for you.

In just six weeks, you can generate nutrient-rich compost that can be used all year round. It’s also much easier to use than the one I have…you just give the drum a few turns with the simple flick of a finger. That’s it. No digging around in it. It easily keeps your compost well-mixed.

And it’s got a two-in-one design; the barrel makes compost while the base simultaneously collects compost tea (another excellent natural fertilizer.)

If you have never composted before, the compost you end up with is dark, rich and odorless…and plants love it! You can purchase an Envirocycle Mini Composter from their site for $129.99 (plus free shipping)…I just ordered mine!

Now head over to a post I wrote at about how to start composting. It’s easy to do and worth doing if you love organic gardening like I do!

Photo Source: Envirocycle

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  • Julie C.

    So here’s a question: if you live where it’s damn cold nearly half the year, what do you do with the compost you are making every six weeks??

  • Momhomeguide

    Nice — but composters can be so expensive! I am thinking of making a compost pile the old fashioned way — by making a simple compost pile, and fencing it off with some metal posts and some garden fencing/wire.