Johnson’s Baby Oil Gel Is a Must for the Whole Family

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Johnson’s Baby Oil Gel Is a Must for the Whole Family

Johnson’s baby oil gel with vitamin E and aloe vera is less messy and easier to control than regular baby oil, which is great when you’re trying to apply some to a squirming infant or toddler.

However, you do need to keep in mind that the product is more concentrated than liquid baby oil. Be careful not to use too much gel at one time. Just a drop or two is enough for most purposes.

Even though baby oil gel is more expensive than regular baby oil, the cost is similar once you consider the fact that you’re using less product each time.

Are your kids already out of diapers? Although it’s mostly thought of as a product for baby’s nursery, Johnson’s baby oil gel has a ton of uses for everyone in your house.

For example:

  • Use as a lotion for treating mild eczema
  • Substitute for shave gel
  • Alternative to eye makeup remover
  • Smooth on your pregnant tummy to reduce the chances of stretch marks
  • Use as a cheap massage oil
  • Dab a small bit on a cloth and use it to polish your shoes
  • Get rid of temporary tattoos
  • Make it easier to remove bandages from the skin
  • Use it to get rid of bubble gum that is stuck to your child’s skin or hair

What’s your baby oil preference? Do you like the traditional liquid baby oil or do you find the gel format easier to use?

Disclaimer: A sample of Johnson’s baby oil gel was provided by the manufacturer for the purpose of preparing this review.

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    I am going to look for this for my son’s dandruff. I know baby oil works really well for cradle cap. I have been thinking about getting some baby oil for him to put his tea tree oil in to apply to his head. This looks like it might be a little easier to apply to his scalp than regular baby oil.

  • Dana Hinders

    That’s a good point. I used regular baby oil on my son’s cradle cap and it ran all over the place.


    I picked up some of this tonight at my local Wal-Mart. I was surprised they had it since they usually have nothing locally, and I have to drive 30 minutes to a big Wal-Mart. It looked like this is pretty popular, because there were only a couple bottles left of the aloe vera. My son is going to try it on his scalp with adding Tea Tree oil tomorrow and then maybe Peppermint oil later in the week. I’ll let you know how it goes!

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