Help Relieve Your Child’s Cold With Zarbees All Natural Cough Syrups

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Help Relieve Your Child’s Cold With Zarbees All Natural Cough Syrups

Cold season is here, and I already know (and am dreading) that my kids will all catch at least one cold this season. I hate giving them over-the-counter cough and cold medicines, especially because they hate taking it. I recently stumbled across Zarbees Natural Cough Syrup and can’t wait to try it out during the daytime. But what about at night when their coughs get worse and it’s hard for them to sleep? Well Zarbees also has an all-natural cough and sleep drink that will help them (and me!) sleep better.

The Natural Cough Syrup contains buckwheat honey to coat your child’s throat and calm his cough. It’s full of immune-boosting ingredients and vitamins too. And because it’s all natural, you can rest a little easier when you have to give it to your child for days on end to help them feel better.

The All Natural Cough and Sleep Drink is a powder that contains a bit of melatonin plus ingredients like buckwheat honey, zinc and Vitamin C to help kids feel better and get some sleep during the middle of a miserable cold. Just make sure to get it really well-dissolved in warm water so that your kids really get the benefit of the packet.

You can find Zarbees products online at and in stores like Walgreens, Wegmans and Whole Food. I for one am going to make a “bee” line to find and purchase it before my little ones catch their colds!

Do you think you would use Zarbees products on your children?

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  • Penny W.

    Well, half of us got a Christmas cold this season, even though it wasn’t on any of our lists! Wish I had this to help my older child, who can’t seem to swallow an adult tablet and is at the end of the age range for most children’s medicine.