Hedbanz Is Fun for the Whole Family

My family has gotten pretty bored with the games we can all play as a family, like Candyland, Memory, and Chutes and Ladders.

I wanted something the three of us could play together, since two-player games often turn into games for my husband and daughter to play while I feel obligated to work instead of taking time out for much-needed family time.

As it turns out, there aren’t a lot of games a family can enjoy that work for five-year-olds. Some just have enough equipment for two players, while others require a certain amount of reading skills many five-year-olds just don’t have yet.

My daughter had shown some interest in Hedbanz when she saw a commercial on television, so we checked it out and decided that even though it’s marked for kids seven and up, it would probably be okay for her to play as long as we gave her slightly more elaborate answers to her questions than we’d give other adults. We also adapted it to skip the chips and often ignore the timer.

The pictures on the cards are all things she’s familiar with. There’s nothing too obscure. Cards have things kids know well and will be able to guess, like a car, a unicorn, ice cream, etc.

The game has six adjustable plastic headbands with slots that hold cards. Each person takes a card, doesn’t look at it, and then tucks it into the slot on his or her headband. Each person also takes three chips from the pile.

Once the timer starts, the players take turns asking questions about the cards in their headbands, trying to be the first to guess what they are. (Sample questions: What color am I? Am I food?) When someone guesses correctly, they put one of their chips into the pile and everyone else draws an extra one out.

If time runs out before anyone guesses the right answer, no chips change places and players draw new cards to replace the old ones. The first person to put all their chips into the pile wins.

Even with the way we’ve had to adapt the rules to fit our needs, this is a fun game. It’s fun for her and it’s genuinely fun for us, too. If you don’t play with the chips, it’s easy to play one or two rounds before bedtime.

Photo credit: Toys R Us

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