Handmade Fortune Cookies Make A Perfect Gift!

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Handmade Fortune Cookies Make A Perfect Gift!

I don’t know about you, but everyone I know loves fortune cookies. Okay, they aren’t very tasty, but the notes that you find inside are so fun to read and compare with everyone’s at the table.

Have you ever gotten a great fortune inside the cookie that you really hoped would come true? That you could save the cookie and the message for luck’s sake? I have! And I love the idea of these cute handmade fortune cookies that I found on Etsy!

Though it looks like they were being promoted for Valentine’s Day, I think they would make a really cool gift, or just a special way to send the people in your life a unique, heartfelt message. Maybe you don’t have a message to put it in…that’s okay, too! You could put a special little gift or even fold up money as a cool way to give someone a birthday or special holiday gift of cash.

For just $8, you can buy a petite to-go box (like the kind Chinese take-out comes in) and a set of 3 felt fortune cookies. The standard colors that come in the box are 2 pink and 1 brown, however you can request other colors if you’d like. You’ll also get slips of paper to write a special message on.

The cookies are made from 100% wool felt, and are approximately 1.5″x 1.5″ in size. They are all handmade. I love that they can be used over again…regifting with these would be totally acceptable!

The site I found these on, CurlyBirds, also has some other really awesome handmade products. Be sure to check out the Comfort Me Hearts while you’re there!

Photo Source: CurlyBirds on Etsy.com

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