Green Mountain Apple Cider for Keurig Is Fall in a Cup

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Green Mountain Apple Cider for Keurig Is Fall in a Cup

Let’s talk about something seriously delicious—the Green Mountain hot apple cider K-cups for the Keurig. There’s not a ton of sugar, but there is an absolute explosion of taste. They’ve got a bit of brown sugar, but there’s also stevia to boost the sweetness.

It’s like fall in a cup, as much—if not more than—a pumpkin spice latte. It’s that good. There’s the strong flavor of fresh apples with that hint of brown sugar and cinnamon, and the smell alone is enough to take you for a mental walk through an apple orchard where the leaves are changing colors and some of them are crunching beneath your boots. I make this on the eight ounce cup size and it’s perfect.

As usual, it’s nice to have a piping hot mug of something fall or winter appropriate in about a minute, so there’s nothing new there. The Keurig delivers yet again.

The fact that the hot apple cider is all natural (ingredients include dried apples, brown sugar, organic malic acid, natural flavors, and stevia extract) is a perk, though it is kind of disappointing that each cup is 80 calories, mostly because it’s possible to drink it all day long.

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  • MomHomeGuide

    My kids totally love these! They love that they can make their own hot apple cider, since using the Keurig K cups is so simple. I stock up on these at Amazon, since they are cheaper there than in my local store.