Girl Uninterrupted Offers a Natural Way to Keep PMS at Bay

Do you suffer from PMS symptoms that turn you into a crazed and cranky version of yourself for several days out of the month? If so, I suggest trying Girl Uninterrupted.

This product is a revolutionary, all-natural supplement for combating pesky PMS symptoms like nausea, headaches, cramps, and bloating.

Girl Uninterrupted contains a proprietary blend of:

  • L-Tryptophan
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Red Clover
  • Chasteberry
  • Saw Palmetto

Each gelcap lasts for up to 24 hours. The pills do not need to be taken with food and come in a cute mirrored compact that slips easily into your purse.

Girl Uninterrupted is sold in packages of five pills. The company suggests taking them during the five days before your period, but says you can take them whenever you are feeling bothered by PMS symptoms.

Personally, I tend to feel the worst three days before my period and during the first two days of my period. When I tried the pills for these days, they did seem to help with my PMS symptoms. I was still kind of cranky, but not quite as grouchy as normal.

Also, I didn’t have the problems with headaches that I normally do. I will probably end up ordering another month or two worth of supplements to see if they provide long term relief.

If you have had a chance to try Girl Uninterrupted, I’d love to know what you thought. Do you feel like the supplement helped your PMS symptoms?

Disclaimer: A sample of Girl Uninterrupted was provided by the manufacturer for the purpose of preparing this review.

Photo credit: Girl Uninterrupted

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