Fun Stamps for Facebook Junkies

Are you a Facebook addict? I was a little slow to hop on the Facebook bandwagon.

In fact, the only reason I started an account was because a former writing client had asked me to do some social media promotion for my articles. Now, I’m hooked!

Even though I don’t play any of the Facebook games, I still find myself spending much more time than I should browsing through all the stories on my newsfeed.

With cute pictures of my friends’ children, random funny quizzes, and coupons from my favorite product manufacturers, Facebook is a time waster that’s hard to resist!

When I saw this “like” and “dislike” stamp set on the Urban Outfitters website, I was immediately intrigued. What a fun way to bring your social networking obsession back into the real world!

I can picture myself stamping “like” on my son’s A+ homework or the cute little notes from my husband. (My second grader doesn’t have a Facebook account, but he knows all about Mommy’s favorite website and how grownups “like” pictures or funny stories.)

The “dislike” stamp has potential, too. For example, you could use it to mark off chores on a to-do list that weren’t completed to your satisfaction.

If you’re into art journals or SMASH books, the stamps would also be a cute way to embellish your pages.

What do you think of this Facebook stamp set? Would it entice you to turn off the computer and reconnect with your real-life friends?

Photo credit: Urban Outfitters

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