Frye Jane Strappy: Expensive, but Hopefully a Good Choice

For the past decade or more, I’ve spent roughly $100 every two years on a pair of black boots that I can practically live in for one-half to three-quarters of the year.

By the end of that two-year period, they always end up so beaten up, there’s no use in trying to have them repaired.

I love black boots enough to wear them when they’re not even appropriate, like late spring and the first few days of fall. I wear them with jeans, dresses, and skirts, so I need one pair that will do everything.

They have to be comfortable, hug my calves (most are too loose) but leave room for skinny jeans to be tucked in, and walk the line between dressy and casual in a way that not many shoes can.

Looking for that perfect boot every couple of years because the last pair got worn out became exhausting, so I finally sucked it up and splurged on a pair from a company with reviews so good I expect to be able to wear them for at least the next decade.

I’ll admit, it was painful to submit that order. At $378, these need to last forever. Some reviewers claim that they will.

I can’t speak for the life span of the Frye Jane Strappy yet, but I can say that they seem to be very well-made and they’re comfortable for all-day, everyday wear.

The height is ideal for my use (just below the knee) and they aren’t exceptionally loose on my calves, plus the heel height, 2.5″, is perfect for giving a slight lift without getting uncomfortable over the course of the day. Between the rugged-looking leather and the thin straps, I find them to be a good balance of edgy and sophisticated.

There are three things that make them slightly less than perfect, but I’m not sure I could’ve found better boots all around. The three things are:

  • They’re slick on the bottom when you first get them, so you have to be extra careful not to fall.
  • The inside could use a bit more cushioning. They’re not uncomfortable, but it’s not exactly like walking on pillows, either.
  • The sizing is tricky. I ordered a 6.5 because some of the reviews said to order a half size down. Sometimes I wear a 7 in boots. In this case, I probably should have ordered a 6, but they’re not so big that I felt like dealing with the hassle of an exchange and then the risk that the 6 would be too small. Thick socks help. So do the straps at the ankle and calf.

If these boots last as long as some of the other Frye boots I’ve read about, I will have actually saved money and a ton of time by not having to shop for new black boots every couple of years.

In the meantime, I’ll be wearing them with just about everything but my summer wardrobe until they fall apart. If you like the style but black boots aren’t your thing, there are six gorgeous color choices in all.

Photo credit: Zappos

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