Free Firefox Add-Ons Help Streamline Your Day

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Free Firefox Add-Ons Help Streamline Your Day

Firefox is my favorite Internet browser, but I’ve only recently been using their add-ons to streamline my day.

Click here to search for free add-ons for Firefox. Some of their mom-friendly add-ons include:

  • Morning Coffee –  Start your day right with this extension that organizes websites by day and opens each tab simultaneously as part of your daily routine. I love this for checking my client websites, the local news, and Facebook when I’m starting my day.
  • Kodak EasyShare – Moms can organize and share pictures easier than ever by uploading by dragging, dropping, and arranging pictures all within Firefox browser. You can add photo titles, and create albums by multi-selecting photos, without interrupting your browsing. I don’t use Kodak EasyShare myself, but I know several people who swear by it.
  • Meeting Scheduler for Google Calendar – Moms can get everyone together hassle free by finding common meeting times that work for all attendees. This is great if you work at home or are in charge of organizing activities like Boy Scout meetings or church youth group programs.
  • Shopping – This add-on works with Amazon, Google, Yahoo, and Bing search, and thousands of top online retailers to compare prices and find coupons. It is a must if you regularly shop online for the stuff your family needs.
  • InvisibleHand – Use this tool to plan family vacations at the lowest price. InvisibleHand shows a discreet notification when a better price is available on a flight you’re shopping for. I don’t travel much myself, but I would use this if my family was ever planning a major trip.

What are your favorite Firefox add-ons?

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