First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser Probably Wont Break You Out, But

I was so excited to see a First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser sample in my Sephora order because of my success with the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream, but sadly, this product was a letdown.

It probably wont break you out because their products seem to be created to be as gentle on your skin and as unlikely to irritate it as possible. That wasnt enough for me, though, and I couldnt use it more than a few times because it dried my skin out so terribly.

I still have a little left that I may use in a pinch, but for daily use, this is a no-go for me. My skins normally dry, but Id classify it as normal once the weather starts to warm up. The First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser was still too drying. The description says it transforms into a rich cream when blended with water, but to me, that suggests a moisturizing product, and this wasnt it.

If your skin is on the oilier side, this may be perfect for you. It did remove all my makeup, and I love what it says it does. It has a blend of antioxidants, including white tea, licorice root, and feverfew, which over time can create more youthful looking skin.

Its not supposed to irritate your skin; instead, it fights against redness and keeps the pH level of your skin balanced.

Theres also nothing bad in it, like parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances or dyes, GMOs, etc. Its $20 for five ounces, which is much less than several of the other brands that make similar claims, and not much more than what youd pay at the drugstore for certain products.

Photo credit: Sephora

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