Face Paint Pencils Let You Be the Coolest Mom on the Block

Want an easy way to convince your kids that you’re the best mom ever? Give them some face paint and let them go to town!

All kids love pretend play, and face painting is the easiest way for them to transform into a superhero, monster, princess, or fairy godmother.

I normally buy face paint when it’s on sale after Halloween and dole it out a few packages at a time throughout the rest of the year, but I think these face paint pencils from the Imagine Childhood website would be a worthwhile investment.

Having a pencil would give you more control over the color application than trying to paint with makeup brushes and little tiny pots of color.

Easy control is especially important if you have kids who want to try painting each other’s faces.

Another thing I like about these face painting pencils is the diversity of colors. There are two sets you can buy.

The standard set has red, green, yellow, blue, white, and black pencils. The royal set has orange, pink, purple, brown, gold, and silver pencils. My son loves anything gold and silver, so I’m sure the royal set would be a hit in our house.

I am not a great face painter, so I like to stick to simple designs when I’m helping my son and his friends get ready. Popular designs that most kids seem to like include:

  • Stars
  • Hearts
  • Simple flowers
  • Names or sayings
  • Animal stripes

Another great tip for face painting novices is to combine face paints with temporary tattoos. This lets you create a design that looks more complicated than it really is.

Photo credit: Imagine Childhood

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