Etsy Shop Spotlight: Kangaroo Care

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Etsy Shop Spotlight: Kangaroo Care

Most of the nursing necklaces I’ve seen have struck me as ugly and not something any sane adult woman would want to be seen wearing. But, I actually really like the different colors and styles of necklaces in Kangaroo Care Etsy shop. At first glance, I wouldn’t assume that these were for nursing moms.

The necklaces are made with crocheted covers and juniper wood, oak wood, or apple wood beads. There are lots of different colors and styles to choose from, including neutral earth tone necklaces as well as bright rainbow colored necklaces. They’re not exactly appropriate for the office, but they all look cute enough to wear with most of your casual outfits.

All of the Kangaroo Care necklaces are 100% natural, vegan, and eco-friendly. They are made with colors and textures that invite baby to look, touch, and explore. They are completely safe for your child to chew on, although you should never leave your baby unattended with the necklace.

Prices for the Kangaroo Care necklaces vary depending upon the style you select and how many beads are used in the necklace. The cheapest necklaces are $12 and the most expensive ones are $29. So, this would be a very affordable baby shower gift idea for a nursing mom.

Kangaroo Care has been selling on Etsy since 2011 and has had over 8,000 sales. The owner of the shop lives in Estonia, but the shipping fees to the United States and Canada are still very reasonable.

Did you use nursing necklaces with your baby? If so, what do you think of the necklaces in the Kangaroo Care Etsy shop?

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