EmergencyLink Keeps Emergency Info Readily Available

No mom likes to think about their child being sick or hurt, but EmergencyLink is a new free service that can provide a bit of extra protection in the event of an emergency.

This service offers a way to make sure that doctors and other medical personnel have quick access to your child’s medical history and emergency contact information if necessary.

Once you complete a free online profile, you get account ID tags and cards to put in your wallet, on your key chain, on your child’s shoes, on your child’s backpack, or wherever else you think they will be handy.

The tags have an account number and a phone number for emergency personnel to call for your information.

I can see EmergencyLink being especially helpful if your child has any serious allergies or developmental delays that would be important for someone to know about in an emergency situation.

There is also a sharing feature with the service that would be useful if you are divorced and need to make sure both you and ex have access to important info for your child.

While you’re filling out an EmergencyLink profile for your child, don’t forget to complete profiles for yourself and your partner as well. Thousands of people go to the emergency room each year because they are found unconscious, so there’s no guarantee that you’d be able to provide your own emergency info if something ever happened to you.

Recently, EmergencyLink announced that it has partnerships with the American Red Cross, Autism Speaks and The Lopez Foundation.

What do you think of EmergencyLink? Is this a service you’d use?

Photo credit: EmergencyLink

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