Dunstan Baby Language DVD: How Does It Work?

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A few days ago I write about the amazing Dunstan Baby Language system created by Australian mom Priscilla Dunstan. Today I want to go into more details about how the system works and why it’s so powerful.

As a parent, and especially as a new one, you hear all sorts of unidentifiable sounds coming out of your newborn’s mouth. While these sounds seem like random noises to the untrained ear, once you have used the Dunstan Baby Language DVD you can start to recognize what they mean and what your baby is trying to tell you. I can say the experience if finally understanding my baby was a transformative moment for me.

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Every baby aged zero to three months uses five distinct sounds to signal that they are tired, hungry, gassy, uncomfortable, or need to be burped. This is true of all babies, regardless of what language the parents might speak. Babies are not taught this language – it’s just the natural way they express what they need. As a parent, your role is to understand these sounds to be able to better respond to them.

The sounds young babies make are based on physical reflexes. For example, if your newborn is hungry she will start to suck. When some sound is added to this reflex – which sounds like “neh” – it becomes her word for “hungry.” Once you hear a few babies make the sound – which the DVD shows you – it’s pretty easy to start identifying it in your own child. It’s really amazing how consistent the sound is among babies from all kinds of backgrounds.

The key is that these sounds are produced before your baby starts crying. So if you can figure out what your infant needs and give it to them, you can often stop your baby from crying. A happier baby who cries less also means happier parents!

The Dunstan Baby Language DVD takes you step by step through each of the five sounds babies make and shows you how to identify each one. You will be amazed at how quickly you can pick up this new “language” of your baby and you can see the results immediately.

The Dunstan Baby Language DVD has been recommended by 9 out of 10 mothers in an independent research survey and it’s easy to see why. As a parent who understands your child you feel more confident and it makes childrearing actually fun again. It’s even great for dads. In the same research study two out of three fathers reported reduced levels of stress from using the Dunstan Baby Language system. Less stress means a happier marriage and more parental involvement.

For me, the biggest benefit from using the Dunstan Baby Language system was more sleep. Soon after I learned the system my baby girl Jenna started sleeping much longer, which of course meant I got more much-needed sleep too! Apparently I’m not alone because ni the study noted above, half of the respondents reported an increase in uninterrupted sleep and 70% reported their baby settled faster. If you can quickly pinpoint what your infant needs you can get them down – and keep them down! – far more quickly and easily.

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  • Kristin

    I recently started using the Dunstan system and I can honestly say that I am amazed by the results!

  • Heather Novak

    We learned about this with our first and it was AWESOME. My husband in particular was able to hear the differences. We haven’t used it as much with our second, but I have recommend it to many new parents.

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    i wanet to learn language baby dunsten

  • http://fereshtehayezamini angel

    i love and enjoyed form baby language